2018 Season

Please check each team’s schedule on the left to see where the matches are being played.  MASTER CALENDAR will have the most up-to-date information.

Thank you


2018 Open Court & Try-Out Information

Glad to hear that you are interested in trying out for the Girls' Tennis team this fall.

Below are all of the forms you will need. All forms are on the website.

Feel free to call/text or email me with any questions.


I need to have the following before you may play in a Try-out session:

Click on REQUIRED FORMS to print these forms.

1) Emergency Medical Form

2) Co-Curricular Code

3) Concussion Info Sheet

4) Multiple Page Physical - all signed everywhere needed.

5) Watch and sign Lindsay Law Required Form



All Forms Must be turned into the Athletic Office Only



Dates to know:

Open Court at CHS Courts: June 5th, 6th & 7th, 1pm - 3pm.

Pre-Season Meeting for all players trying out: July 30th at 8am, West 122

Open Court at CHS Courts: July 30 & 31, 9am – 11am.

Try-outs at CHS Courts Begin: Aug. 1; 9am - noon

Tryouts will last a minimum of three sessions and continue till teams set.

Times of Try-outs and Practices:

Aug 1: 9am – noon, and 7:30– 9:15pm  (Both times required)

Aug 2-Aug 4: 7am – noon (Players will not attend all 5 hours, coaches will split the squads between these times) and 7:30 – 9:15pm  (Both times required)

All of these times plus future times can be found on CentervilleTennis.com; click on Master Calendar

Matches can start Aug 11; More later on our dates of play.

Future Times given out at Tryouts and schedule can be found at centervilletennis.com



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